Thursday, November 12


Today Sikhism is an international community that is characterized by a lively exchange between Indian and foreign groups. This only intensifies the experience of dealing with plurality and internal diversity. A concern of the Sikh faith, which historically has developed its potential again and again, is the mediation between differences and the emphasis on equality and equality of all people (even if the ideals regarding the caste system and the equality of the sexes in the social reality largely remained unfulfilled).

The Sikh faith is not characterized by an exclusive claim to truth. The meaning of the “book” (“book religion” – the letter is not holy, the living word is decisive) as well as the notion that everyone is equally in need of salvation and capable of salvation are good starting points for the conversation. God has mercy on the lowest and most unworthy – who turns to God in his practice of faith and yet remains dependent on the free grace of God.