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About NSRF

National Sikh Remembrance Foundation (NSRF) promotes an historic British-Sikh legacy.

We aim to:
• Promote recognition of the invaluable contributions and sacrifices of Sikhs in and around the World Wars.
• Raise awareness of Sikhs in British history over 200 years.
• Form working relationships with appropriate groups.
• Develop and distribute resources for schools, colleges and local communities.
• Establish a permanent Resource Centre for historical research, related projects and activities.
• Contribute to the Prime Minister’s national programme marking the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First Great War in 1914.

The Foundation will play a catalytic and facilitative role in widening knowledge of how British society has come to assume the composition that it has.

Developing Resources
We will work with educationists, academics, researchers and historians to develop:
• Online resources, literature, videos and DVDs.
• Seminars, ‘pop-up’ presentations, mini exhibitions.
• An International Fellowship of Soldiers and Descendants.
• Documented stories and records of veterans.

Working with schools
We promote activities such as:
• Teaching modules on the role of Sikhs in the Wars.
• History projects on Sikhs and Sikh Regiments in the British Army.
• Profiles of World War Sikh Heroes.

Working with the community
We encourage activities including:
• Identifying and befriending Sikh veterans.
• Help with regular care for local NSRF war memorials.
• Participation in local Remembrance Day activities.
• Information/food stalls at local events.
• Armed Forces Day events.

The Royal British Legion
We are participating in:
• Remembrance Day activities.
• Fundraising for RBL activities.
• Distribution of RBL’s ‘Khanda’ poppies.
• Annual Poppy Day activities.

We work with individuals, groups and organisations. Independent, apolitical and non-factional, we:
• welcome participation and involvement of all who share our objectives.
• support local projects working in this area.
• help set up local and regional initiatives.
• set up and work with international bodies.

You can:
Register as an individual supporter.
Volunteer to assist in local activities.
Assist in fundraising events.
Help set up a local group.
Affiliate your local group.

Email: [email protected]
Telephone +44 (0)20 8843 7977